About Team Training New England

Since 2005, Team Training New England (TTNE) has been building a community of like-minded people who aspire to bring balance and perspective to their lives and challenge themselves through sport — specifically multi-sport training.  TTNE prepares and empowers groups of people — from the novice to the more experienced athlete — and champions them to the finish line.

Team Training New England’s mission is to help people of all ages and athletic abilities experience the benefits of incorporating fitness and training into their already busy and full lives.  Setting goals and training with like-minded people for a specific multi-sport event creates a powerful atmosphere of camaraderie and support.  This experience is transformational not only for the individual athlete, but for everyone in their life!

We began as an informal group of 20 female friends and family members, TTNE has grown into a large network of like-minded athletes who have successfully completed at least one triathlon (many have gone on to do more).  Once these athletes have been “bitten by the TRI bug” there is no stopping them.  Feeling strong and fit is their motivation to keep working.

Due to consistent inquiries and the nature of our programming, we have decided to open our services to men.  Our focus will continue to be on the beginner triathlon participant.

Lynne Tapper and Janice Cohen are USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coaches. They are both amateur triathletes who have figured out a way to balance their triathlon training with the rest of their busy and demanding lives.  They strive to share that perspective and balance with the people they coach.

Lynne Tapper

2014WTTriBikeLynne has been competing in marathons and other running distances since 1989.  She started participating in the Danskin Women’s Triathlon in 1993.  One her life’s goals is to share her enthusiasm for sports and fitness with everyone she meets by encouraging them to live a healthy, fit lifestyle by incorporating fitness and sport into their everyday lives.  In 2004 Lynne coached and coordinated her entire extended family (from her mother to her 2nd cousin) through training and participating in the Webster, MA Danskin Women’s Triathlon!

In her 20th year of training for and competing in triathlons, she finally completed her first Iron-distance triathlon in August 2014. She blogged about this experience and created her first e-book called My Iron Year.

Lynne’s goal is longevity.  Through smart and safe training it is her hope to be participating in multisport events into her 9th decade! Everything she does with regards to training, diet, nutrition, recovery and body work gets her that much closer to crossing many finish lines well into her 90s!

Lynne resides in West Hartford, CT with her husband and two children.

Janice Cohen

jcohenb2bJanice believes in the transformative power of physical fitness and sports – both physically and psychologically.  As an undergraduate at Georgetown University she began developing her running and swimming skills.  Before moving back to CT, Janice worked for the Spanish Embassy in Washington, DC, and for a multi-national corporation in Madrid, Spain.

Janice’s enthusiasm and passion for triathlons began the day she started training for her first triathlon in 2004 at the age of 49.  She has completed sprint, olympic and half iron distance triathlons since that time, and to celebrate her 60th birthday in 2015, Janice is training for her first (and maybe her only!) iron distance triathlon.

Her long-term personal commitment to the practice and promotion of yoga and meditation has been supported by completion of a yearlong yoga teacher-training program in Northampton, MA, graduate work at Wesleyan University in Hatha Yoga, and on-going workshop participation.  She brings her knowledge of the mind/body connection to every workout.

Janice resides in West Hartford, CT, with her husband, and has three children and two dogs. Janice’s passion for triathlons has also spread to her husband, Byron, who will be doing his first half iron distance race in the fall of 2015.