6 reasons to train with TTNE

There are many ways to train for a multisport event and many of them are effective.  However, we firmly believe that joining Team Training New England is a superior way to prepare for your first race or to improve your race performance.  Why?  Let us count the ways:

The Team Training New England Advantage

(1)  We’re #274!
Your coaches, Janice Cohen and Lynne Tapper, are  just like you.  We have families. We have busy lives. We are NOT elite athletes who finish first in every race we enter, reguarly enter Iron-distance races or otherwise can’t relate to what you are thinking and feeling.  Both of us can still clearly remember doing our first race, how nervous we were and everything we did wrong.  That experience helps us help you.

(2)  We’re not experts.  Oh, wait, we are!
Both of us are certified USA Triathlon Level 1 coaches and have been since 2007.  Janice is a yoga instructor and Lynne is certified to teach the use of heart-rate monitors in training.  And, in case you are worried, we are both CPR and First Aid certified.

(3)  What time is it?  It’s “you” time!
Finding free time to exercise, for some people, is like finding the holy grail.  Exercise could be taking a brisk walk, a brief interval workout at the track, even doing some core exercises on the floor at home.  Something!  We’ll help you start the process of scheduling time in your day for you, helping you put put yourself near the TOP of your TO-DO list.   Because when you choose to do that, you’ll have more energy to get through every day, week, month and year.

(4) We put the “tri” in team
One of the key advantages of our training program is that we do it as a group.  Not everyone runs, bikes or swims at the same pace, but we’re sure that you’ll find someone who’s pretty close to your pace.  Plus, we have a crew of GEAR Heads (Genuinely Enthusiastic Athletic Resources) who have trained with us in the past. They are available to answer questions, ride along with you on a tough hill and generally offer encouragement and keep a safe eye on everyone.  Why train alone when you can train with a team?

(5) Multisport lifestyle
Team Training New England is a multisport training group  for women and men!  We are a community of like-minded people who want to bring balance and perspective to our lives and challenge ourselves through sport.

(6) History is on our side
Team Training New England started turning “I don’t know” into “I did it!” in 2005, taking a team of 20 women to the Danskin Women’s Triathlon in Webster, Massachusetts.  We have trained people of pretty much every age, size, level of fitness and ability.  Every year we fall in love with our team all over again at the inspirational stories, the great friendships and the caterpillars who turn into butterflies as they train with us and cross the finish line.  We know what we’re doing and we love what we do.

We believe you can do it before you believe you can do it!

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