TRI-al by Coach: Spinervals

Since it’s been too cold to bike until recently, I spent the winter inside taking spinning classes and using an indoor spin bike I have at home.  I was curious to compare the workout I get in a spinning class versus a home workout.  Plus, I had always wanted to try out a Spinerval DVD.  Here are the results of my very unscientific survey.

Spinning Classes:
Pro:  Under the guidance of a talented instructor, a spinning class can be a great workout and a great time.  Between the music and the spin buddies, I have no issues with spinning classes.

Con:  Those poor spin bikes!  No matter how much my club maintains the bikes (maintenance which might be open to debate), the spin bikes take a major beating.  Between the constant adjustments and all the sweat, most of the bikes are showing signs of age.  Toss in having to get there early to grab a bike, and a spin class could be a major bummer if your bike is a lemon.

Pro: There is nothing like picking your own time for your workout.  The coach on the Spinverals DVD is very motivating, tells you exactly what cadence/RPM you should shoot for and there are no annoying or sweaty people riding next to you.  The workouts are very efficient and if you don’t cheat, highly effective!  You don’t need a spin bike, you can purchase a bike trainer and use your own road bike.  Most of the people in the DVD are using road bikes on trainers.

Con: I won’t lie to you, it can be tough to motivate yourself.  You’re biking all alone in your home and if you don’t push yourself or heck, if you even quit early, no one will know.  But you will know!  And that’s what keeps me going.

Yesterday (April 9), I went for my first ride outside!  I road 25 miles on flats and hills and I could tell that my winter indoor riding had made a difference.  So, whatever you decide; spin class at the gym or Spinevals at home…do something and come racing season, you’ll be happy that you did!

If you’d like to try a Spinerval DVD, click the photo below to purchase one.  This one has three 30-minute workouts; beginner, intermediate and advanced.  If you like this one, there are more Spinervals to purchase based on what you want to get out of your workouts.