The hills are alive with the sound of mucus (Entry #8)

Penwood Hills.  That has a rather bucolic sound to it, doesn’t it?  Rolling hills, sheep on a meadow, winding trails, ladies with parasols.  Sadly, that proved to be only a fantasy that I constructed in my mind as I confronted this workout.

From the parking lot was a leisurely jog, just over a mile, to THE HILL.  IT was one of these hills that seemingly just kept going on and on, around every turn was more hill.

We were istructed to run for 90 seconds up the hill and then jog down.  Rest and do it again, and again, and again and again.

It was a nice night, but not that nice a night for running vertically.  My legs burned, my steps got a little choppy, my heart rate soared and the sweat poured.  But, like one of the little Billy Goats in “The Sound of Music” I kept climbing.

Somehow, everyone got to the bottom of the hill before me, so I didn’t have a ton of recovery time.  But, oddly, I found myself enjoying the workout.  There was something about being confronted with this difficult challenge and perservering. I’m not sure if I could have run much longer, but I ran as long as I needed.

And, I never would have done this workout by mself, but with a group, with our collective griping, made it oddly fun. Chalk another one up for team training.

Published May 30, 2013