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We know that everyone’s inbox can get full very fast.  We do send the occasional long, detailed email.  However, it could get lost in your email glut or simply stuck in your spam folder.  We don’t take it personally.

This page will be your reference page for all relevant and important information you will need to know.  The only thing you need to do is bookmark this page.  When we have posted something new, you will get a short email prompting you to check this page at your convenience.

Upcoming bonus events:
Open House at Strongworks
Tuesday, June 23 at Strongworks, 125 LaSalle Road, West Hartford, CT. 7:00-8:00 p.m.
We will set up a registration (no-fee) page shortly.Space will be limited!

You can also post questions here for the group to see, and we will answer them as soon as possible.  The private facebook page is also a great place to post questions or suggestions (see link below).

Triathlon Gear Check List
TTNE Glossary of Training Terms
Basic Swim Drills – Description

How to add the TTNE website to your smartphone’s home screen (i.e. adding a shortcut)
We strongly recommend doing this because it is a great way to easily check the TTNE calendar for upcoming training sessions, locations, and any session details.
For an iPhone, here is a video that shows you what to do:

For an Android phone, here is a video that shows you what to do:

To get TTNE text messages:
We are using Remind, which provides a one-way communication tool that we are using to help us send important and immediate notices out to the whole team.  For instance, if there is a weather-related location change, parking update on the day of the race, or just an inspiration note, we will communicate to you with this system.

You are NOT able to respond to these messages, instead you should contact the TTNE coaches directly.  If you have lost our cell phone numbers, please email us or call the main business number.
To sign up please do the following:
1)  Text this message: @ttne to this number (475) 529-2274
2)  You will get a response asking for your first and last name.  Enter that, hit send and that’s it!
OR if you prefer getting the updates via email (though that may not get your attention the way a text message will), send a blank email to:  Put your name in the Subject Line.

*If you ever want to stop getting these messages, all you need to do is simply reply with the word “stop”.

If you want to send an email to the whole group, please use the following email address: (this email will not be available for use until May 12)

Other ways to stay connected!
TTNE group on facebook.

PRIVATE facebook group
This is only for former and current TTNE athletes to connect, arrange workouts and get exclusive TTNE communications.
Click on this link to request an invitation to this private group:

Please tag us when posting photos during the season!

Workout buddies:  For those of you that did not register with a friend, we would strongly recommend that you find someone on the team that lives or works close to you so you can workout together whenever possible.  If you are not able to identify a workout buddy, please let us know and we’ll find you a buddy or two.

Race Information
Sprint Distance Race:
Sunday, August 2, 2015  Greenfield Olympic Triathlon in Greenfield, MA.
We have a discount code for the Greenfield Triathlon: TTNE10 for a 10% discount. This will expire on July 15.
Please do not share with anyone outside of TTNE before checking with the coaches.
Sunday, August 2, 2015  Niantic Bay Triathlon in Niantic, CT

Olympic Distance Race:
Sunday, August 2, 2015  Greenfield Olympic Triathlon in Greenfield, MA.

As always, if you these races do not fit your schedule. let us know.  We can help you identify another race and/or location.

Hotel Information
This year we are not reserving any rooms near the race site.  Both races are within a reasonable driving distance from the Greater Hartford area.

Team Dinner: TBD

If you need to get in touch with us,, our contact information is below.  Please email or text us if you have any questions, cannot make it to a workout, or will be late, etc.

Lynne Tapper, 860-463-8224
Janice Cohen, 860-978-0241

TTNE Core Workouts
Click on this link to see the videos for Core Level I-III workouts.
Password: core

Expert Talks:
Physical Therapy Talk:
Wednesday, May 27
Kristen Fiola of ProEx Physical Therapy
ProEx Physical Therapy
3 Farm Glen Boulevard
Farmington, CT

Yoga for Strength & Flexbility:
Wednesday, June 17
Leslie Gordon of beyoga
pre-workout yoga session

Swim Anxiety:
Laurie Silverman
Articles to read about swim anxiety:
A Four Part Prescription for Open Water Anxiety
Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Triathlon Swim
Conquer Open Water Panic
The Panic Room

Race Day Checklist

Short Term Pool Options:
Several of you have expressed interest in having access to a pool for the next two months (or maybe even longer if you start to LOVE TO SWIM).  Here are some short-term pool options in the Greater Hartford area:

Mandell Jewish Community Center:  reduced registration fee for TTNE members ($50) plus $66/month membership.  This gives you access to all fitness facilities, including the pool.

Cornerstone Aquatics Center:  here’s the link for Limited Duration Membership options.  Four week membership for an individual is $131.

Other options would include town pools. Please check your local town for opening dates.




  1. Hi Lynn and Janice, I’ exicted about getting startet but had a few questions for clarification:

    Rest Intervals on the swims: Is the RI after each set of the 4 X 100’s?

    Rest Day: Is the rest day flexible if we have schedule issue?

    Days with multiple workouts: Can we split those up or have to do them back to back?

    Biking: Is spinning indoors okay if it is raining on our bike day? Or can we switch with a pool day?

    Heart Rate Monitor: HELP!!! many questions about the terminology. Also do we wear in the pool during our swims?

    Thanks and see you on Wednesday!

    Lisa J

  2. Lisa,
    All great questions: I’ll attempt to answer them in order as I’m sure other team members have the same questions:
    1. The RI (rest interval) is after each 100. You will swim 4 laps (=100 yards) and then rest for 1 minute. You do that 3 more times, for a total of 4 100 yard swims with one minute rest in between each 100.
    2. As we mentioned at the kick off, feel free to move things around as only you know what fits best into your schedule. Just make sure you don’t MISS A REST DAY.
    3. If there are 2 workouts, we suggest that you split the up, if you have that kind of flexibility. I would only do the workouts back to back if it’s meant to be done that way like a BRICK, Bike and Run.
    4. If it’s raining and you cannot get the workout in and it’s easier on your schedule to do a spin class, feel free. Just make sure you tell the instructor that you are trying to get in your workout and you might not do everything they say or do.
    5. We will be discussing heart rate, heart zones training and heart rate monitors at the next 2 workouts. Don’t fret, it’ll become more clear as we move through the training.
    6. You should be able to wear most heart rate monitors in the water, but check the packaging.

    Hope this helps.

  3. According to the schedule, there is a Wednesday workout actually on a Tuesday (6/14)…is this accurate?

  4. Another great question/catch Elise!
    Yes, the “Wednesday” workout is on “Tuesday” that week.
    It is at the JCC pool from 7:30-9:00 p.m.
    They will have a list at the front desk for you to check in. You do not have to be a member to join us for this workout.

  5. Some of you have asked about better descriptions of Swim Drills:
    Here are a few to read over.

    Triple switch drill:
    Take full breath of air before pushing off from wall;
    Push off from wall in streamline position;
    Take a pull with either one of your arms & rotate body toward the side;
    As you finish pull, hold arm in back and count to 3 while flutter kicking;
    After you complete the count to 3, recover trailing arm and pull with lead arm to rotate body to the other side;
    Get your body into the same position on the other side, hold for count of 3 and repeat

    Catch up drill:
    Push off of wall in streamline position (both hands meet in front like Superman);
    Kick from hips and not from knees;
    Drop one arm down and follow through with one freestyle stroke;
    Both hands will meet in front as if you are transferring a rope from one hand to the other;
    Go back into Superman and hold 1 second while gliding;
    Drop other hand and repeat freestyle stroke on other side;
    Both hands will meet in front and go back into Superman and hold 1 second while gliding;
    Repeat concentrating on swimming in front quadrant and keep a long streamlined body line while moving forward

  6. Want to have your workout emailed to you daily? Here’s how to set it up:

    From your Workout log page, go to “PLAN” tab.

    Select “EMAIL ALERTS”

    Check “DAILY” button


    Look in your email inbox for that day’s and the following day’s workout !