Our Nutritionist

We are thrilled to introduce our team to Christine Greene, Ph.D.
Christine spoke at our June 2 and July 11 group sessions. Click here for more information or sign up.

Here is her philosophy when it comes to food, diet and exercise:

I come from a place of balance with my advice.  I do not feel that any one food or food category has any advantage over another.  They each have their own place and function in the body.  The science and art of what I do comes in finding the balance between your nutrient intake and your performance outcomes.  Looking at my core values, you will see that they suit the triathlete perfectly, as they do most everyone else, but a triathlete will see the relevancy almost immediately. 

Go Original – From a nutrition standpoint means to eat your food as close to nature as possible.  For triathletes, You ARE original, in that you are tackling an obstacle, each in your own way, with your own path.

Portion control –  This is the ‘brick’ of nutrition and needs to be solid if success is to be achieved, just like your workouts.

Patience & Persistence – These are core values not only to my nutritional strategy, but to athletic  training in general.  Good solid training principal here as well.

Movement, Rest & Recover – Staples in nutritional fueling for balance AND athletic training overall.

Water – the basis of life and the only fluid you need, most of the time.  Triathletes know the importance of water, but BALANCED water that meets the needs of your workouts.

Get Outside – Enjoying  the abundance of nature feeds the soul.  For triathletes in New England, you are well aware that nothing beats the outdoor workout.  Treadmills and wind trainers  in the winter are necessary but they are NOT the same as being outside!

Christine Greene has been working with athletes of all varieties in the Greater Hartford area for the last nine years.  Dr. Greene is committed to making your event an expression of your best effort, and that starts with your fueling.  As a certified strength coach, she is adept a designing or critiquing your workout program as well, to optimize your performance  for every event.  Please visit www.drcgreene.com to learn more about working with Dr. Greene and improving your race results.