Look Ma! No lane lines. (Entry #7)

When I arrived at Trinity College pool for a swim workout something was different about the pool.

Had it lost weight?
Maybe it was a new outfit?
A new hairstyle?
Were those new kick boards?



Simulated group start

Someone had stolen all the lane lines!  I was about to call campus security to apprehend the hooligans, when I saw Lynne and Janice with the kinds of smiles on their faces that only meant trouble.  Training trouble.

To get the team used to the sensation of swimming in a scrum, they took half the group and placed us at one end of the pool and the rest at the other end.  “Swim to the other side!” Janice and Lynne instructed.  Oh, we’d be on a collision course as well.  We swam towards each other and somehow, no major crackups…we sighted our way through the churning waters.


Swimming through “the gauntlet.”

Later, they had everyone form two lines facing each other, about 6 feet apart.

Everyone held a kick board, flipper or some other piece of equipment.

One lucky swimmer then had to swim down the middle of this gauntlet as everyone splashed.

I was one of the last people to go and Lynne exhorted the group “Splash more!”  We weren’t sure if it was because everyone had slacked off or if she was picking on me.  Regardless, as I swam, all I could think of was the poem “The Charge of the Lightning Brigade.”  Splashing to the left of me, splashing to the right of me, water in my mouth and up my nose.”

I finished and it was ok, challening, but ok.  I didn’t drown or panic, and figured out how to breathe with all the commotion.  Hopefully, this skill will come in handy at my race…or the next family reunion.

Published May 21, 2013