Kick It Real Good (Entry #5)

Our most recent swim workout at Trinity College reminded me of the great Elton John song, “Someone kicked me in the face tonight.*”  I found myself humming this catchy tune as we practiced our swim starts in the pool.  I’m not sure exactly what we were supposed to be practicing, here are the possible options:

A)  How to get kicked in the chin and not stopping
B)  Attempting to swim while boxed in by two swimmers, each close enough to know if I am wearing deodorant
C)  How to take a breath while simultaneously not swallowing all the water being churned up by 20+ swimmers
D)  Not colliding

If these were the goals of this drill, I think I did pretty well.  I managed to actually get a lot of practice on item A in particular.  And to that unknown person out there who seemed to nail me repeatedly in the schnoz with their foot…time for a pedicure.

However, if the goal was to simulate the chaos of a swim start in the safety of a pool, mission accomplished.  I knew I could stand up, reach a wall or, worst case, that the lifeguard and several workout leaders stood nearby to help out.

The oddest part, as we did this drill, I found myself laughing.  Since there aren’t a lot of pool-based comedy clubs, I can assume you haven’t had this experience, so let me assure you that laughing underwater and swimming are a bad combination.  Swimming en masses was so crazy, so chaotic so devoid of any rules or organization that it was absurd.  And so I found myself laughing.

Since I decided to undertake a triathlon this year, I’ve had some conversations with people where they tell me, “oh, I could never do that.  It’s too scary.”  And you know, they might be right.  But, one of the things that I was most scared about was getting hit in the water.  And, while not something I hope to do on a regular basis, getting kicked, hit, swam over and splashed wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Chalk one up for the training.

Now, the fact that my feet are very ticklish…that’s going to be a problem.

*My apologies to Mr. John, I realize the song was titled “Someone saved my life tonight,” but that didn’t work in the context of this entry.

Published May 19, 2013