Just (Foam) Roll with it baby

Are you sore after a long workout or a challenging race?  Does your significant other run for the hills when you ask them to rub your [insert random body part here]?  Is it too hard to find time to meet with your favorite massage therapist?  Perhaps, it’s late and you just…need…to…reach…that…spot.

But seriously, the foam roller should be your best friend.  I have two, one for each floor of my home just so I can literally have one at my fingertips.  I even travel with it (only when I’m driving somewhere).  I haven’t tried to check it through baggage yet, but don’t tempt me.

Many personal trainers have tossed around phrases like “myofascial release”, “breaking up muscular adhesions” and “self-massage”.  And while I do know what those phrases mean, I also know that if you are in training, you need to have one of these in your home.

Personally, after a grueling workout, I use the foam roller to massage my quads, calves, ITB, upper and lower back as well as my glutes (butt!).  I am even able to get at my really tight hip flexors too!  I am able to control the duration and intensity of the massage by adjusting my position and weight balance.  It’s a nice way to loosen up after a workout or even before bed.

Click the foam roller photo below to place your order from Perform Better!  Find a few friends that might want one too and save on shipping.

Roll your heart out!