Indoor Triathlons & Relay Events

How does the relay option work?

This year, both of our indoor triathlon events will have a relay option. Each event has a 20-minute swim, 20-minute guided course on a spin bike, and 20 minutes on the treadmill or indoor track. Participants are allowed to compete as an individual or as a team made up of two to three members. Teams of two will require one participant to complete two parts of the triathlon and the second participant to complete one part, while each member on a team of three will complete one event in the Challenge.


Is there a lottery for the University of Saint Joseph College (USJ) Indoor Triathlon?

No. This year we are just accepting registrations on a first-come first-serve basis.


Can we pick a person or group to be in the same wave?

Yes. You can choose up to 5 participants with whom you would like to share a wave.  Your registration forms MUST be submitted together IN the same envelope. If you are registering on the phone (for Mandell JCC), please indicate the names of the people with whom you would like to share a wave.


Will there be a waiting list?

Yes. We will pick the waiting list at the same time as the first 96 lottery winners are chosen.  You can email to find out what place you are on the waiting list.  If you are #1-12, you have a good chance of being in the event.


What is the order of the triathlon?

Swim, Bike, Run

You will wear a swim suit or a tri-suit.  Approximately 18 lengths equals ¼ mile.  When you get out of the pool, you will NOT remove your swim suit.  You will dry off with a towel and put on a shirt, shorts, socks and sneakers and head to the biking section.

Some women swim with a workout bra under their swim suit or put it on over the swim suit after the swim, if necessary.  Some swim suits have a built in bras that work just as well. You can choose to wear biking shorts and then run in them as well.  We recommend only changing into shorts one time.  So decide which shorts (running, biking or a compression type short) you want to wear and stick with it.

All of the bikes will have cages for sneakers as well as clips (for spd cycling shoes).  You do NOT need to bring a helmet or biking gloves.

University of Saint Joseph: The run will take place on an indoor running track.  It is 14 laps to a mile.  You should be able to go right to the run from the bike, unless you need to change from your bike shoes to your running shoes.
Mandell JCC:
The run will take place on a treadmill. We will track the distance you run in 20 minutes.
Treadmill run: You will run for 20 minutes on a treadmill.  The distance you run in the allotted time will be recorded.


How does the transition work?

Each athlete will have a transition area to put all of your gear. Your area will be clearly marked with your individual race # (but it may be small).  You will keep all of your gear at this area.  Please do not leave anything in the locker room. We do not time you during the transition.  For the safety of the participants, we don’t want anyone rushing around on wet, slick floors.  However, we will encourage you to hurry up to the next event, safely, of course.

All areas will be clearly marked.


How Distances Are Tracked?

Swim: Volunteers will be tracking the number of swim lengths you swim in the allotted time. One end of the pool to the end is considered one length.  If you are in the middle of the pool when the time is up, we will give you that extra bit and count a full length for you.  We’re nice like that.
Bike: In some cases, the indoor bikes will have odometers.  A volunteer will track the distance you rode. If there are no odometers, we encourage you to follow the leaders guided ride and enjoy yourself.
Run: If you are running on a track, volunteers will count your laps.  If you’re running on a treadmill, a volunteer will track your distance run during the allotted time. If you are running a specific distance outside, you will be timed.


How is the winner determined?

While we really believe that this type of event should be considered a great “workout,” we know that many of the participants do want to know how they did in comparison to others.  As athletes, we can relate to that.

Not every indoor triathlon scores the same way.

Here is how any event run in collaboration with Team Training New England is calculated.

We determine which athlete swam the most lengths, biked the longest distance and ran the farthest (if on a treadmill or track) or ran the fastest time if the run distance is constant.  That person (or persons) will get 100 points.  The other participants will receive a % of 100 points.

For example, if a person swims 50 lengths in 20 minutes, he/she will get 100 points. If another person swims 40 laps, he/she will get 80 points.
The same calculation is done for the bike and run leg as well.

At the end, we add up the points each person receives for the swim, bike and run.  The total # of points a person could get is 300.  The person with the highest points is considered the “winner.”  When we post the results on our website, we only post race #s, no names.  All results are anonymous.


What do I bring for each leg?

Swim suit. Goggles. Swim cap. Towel. Flip flops to wear on the pool deck.  You will be able to leave them by the side of the pool and grab them after your swim.
Bike: Biking shoes/running shoes. Shorts. Shirt
Run: Running bra (women only). Shorts. Shirt

Other stuff: Bring water bottle. Change of dry clothes. Towel for showering.  If you aren’t sure about something, bring it.

To save time, arrive at the facility with your swim suit on underneath your clothes or sweats. If you’re going to shower at the facility after your triathlon, don’t forget underwear (don’t laugh, it happens a lot).