Brick by brick (Entry #3)

I’m something of a lucky guy.  I’m married to a woman who loves to exercise. For the most part, Lynne’s happiness peaks when she’s sweating over her bike, the road, in the water (I’m assuming she sweats in there as well).  She sets a great example for the rest of the family, but it’s hard for us to keep up.  My usual choice was to not even try.  But, for those who’ve been reading along, this year is different.

So, after dropping the kids off at school, Lynne had invited me to ride along with her, indoors, for one of her workouts.  Instead of saying, “I’m planning on donating a kidney in an Albanian youth hostel, so I’ll be taking it easy today” I said, “ok.”

I got home, skipped my usual bout of procrastination, and hopped on the bike.  Now, I didn’t set any land speed records, but I did get through just about an hour’s worth of cycling without my usual complaints.  It did help that we had an episode of The Good Wife to keep us occupied (they have TV during the triathlons, right?), but I kept spinning my wheels.

When I hopped off, I had gone just over 12 miles, the distance I would need to cover for the race.  That felt like a good accomplishment, though I hear they might have these things called “hills” in our race.  However, I have to admit, my tush wasn’t the happiest camper.

Then Lynne said, “I’m going to run 2 miles now.”  At this point, I’m usually ready to call it quits, but instead said, “you know, I’ll join you.”  to be clear, what I meant was that the concept of running seemed acceptable, however the 2 mile part seemed daunting.

Oh, did I mention it was chilly out?  It was April, but still felt like early March.  And, I hate to run in the cold weather…it seems like the sort of thing that they’d make you do at a Gulag or on Paris Island for military training.  But, I thought if I hurried, I might beat my procrastination out the door.

I bundled up as best I could and headed out…just as it started to lightly rain.  Not enough to get me to turn back immediately, but enough to dampen my enthusiasm.  I figured I should at least go for a few minutes, get used to running right after biking.  Plus, there was no guarantee that my race would feature ideal weather.

After ten minutes, I felt that unpleasant sort of cold, where your fingertips are just numb enough, and all your layers no longer warm you, but seem to be trapping the cold air against your skin.  I utterered some choice words and headed back home.

I wasn’t discouraged completely.  I’d cross-trained.  I’d done a brick (Bike + Run + Ick = Brick).  Not a big brick.  But, my first brick.  Hopefully, a few more bricks and I’ll have built a nice little foundation for my triathlon.  Now, if I could just get a nice home theater out on the course….

Published April 19, 2013