Why Tri? The athletes speak.

We can talk ’til we’re blue in the face about how wonderful we think our program is.  But who better to hear it from, then past participants.  We encourage you to read a sampling of some of the letters and emails we have received since 2005!

If a picture is a worth thousand words, then what’s a moving picture worth?  Click on this video below to watch a few minutes of genuine, former TTNE athletes talking about their motivations for and benefits from training for a triathlon. Be sure to pause the video on the column on the right before pressing play below.

Check out triathlete Kerry’s latest praise.

I want to thank you for all the knowledge and encouragement you gave me in the 2 clinics I took this summer.  It made such a difference as I prepared for this upcoming triathlon.  Here’s what I’ve been doing for the past 2 mornings instead of my normal bricks.  At 6:30 I take a shower in my tri-shorts and sports bra, walk outside the house where I had my bucket set up, dried myself (my dog is definitely confused) and dressed in 3 [top] layers because I know I’ll be cold when it’s in the 50s.  Then I ride a bit, peel layers and run a bit.  I would never have thought to do this, if I hadn’t taken your clinics.  I learned to get mentally prepared as well as physically.  Thanks so much !!! – Janet

I have really enjoyed this program and feel I have benefited greatly from it. The structure and workout schedule has helped me stay to a course without slacking off or over doing it, as I probably would have on my own. One week to go and I am still injury free and feel physically in shape to take on my first TRI   ever. Biking was not one of my top ten before, but this fall I will be   shopping for a good road bike (after I get two kids settled in college).    I have been listening to all that you advise and plan to apply as much of it as I can. Your records show you are the experts.  Thank you for running this program. As women, moms, I think we often stumble when it comes to perceived indulgences for ourselves.  But the time and money spent on this was well worth it to me.  – Mary

I just wanted to thank you both very much for your support and helping me accomplish a long time goal….my first triathlon.  As you are aware I was thrown for a loop a week and half prior to the race with my first open water swim.  I don’t know if it was because the water was dark, full of weeds, or I was unexpectedly reminded of how I almost drowned as a teenager in open water….I don’t know why & why didn’t matter I just needed to fix it & fix it fast.  I was able to swim a mile in the pool comfortably, so this was a huge surprise and discouragement to me.

I found a swamp (ok, they call it a pond, but its more of a swamp) and forced myself to swim in it everyday leading up to the tri.  I figured if I could swim in that, I could swim in anything! I also did visualizations.  I felt confident and calm before the start.  I sailed, that’s right, sailed through the water.  I couldn’t believe it when it was over (and no side stroke or back stroke needed).  It was a piece of cake for me! – Char

Thank you for offering the clinics and training this summer.  You’re such an awesome athlete and inspiration.  You could have spent your time training for yourself, whittling off minutes here and there so that you could medal, but you shared your time with us.  You’re awe-inspiring.  I am so grateful.  – Janet

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. You really are a wonderful coach. You are not only inspiring but willing to go that extra mile. Your efforts and of course your constant words of encouragement help to keep me going on what has been a more challenging (but rewarding) journey than what I initially predicted.
Thanks again!!
– Tammy

I first want to thank you so very much for the training program!  It has been great to train with you both with all of your coaching and tri experience/expertise. I really felt very well prepared and knew what to expect for the first race, I was still extremely nervous and tired due to lack of sleep, but well prepared!  It has also been a joy to meet and work with all of the workout leaders.  They have been very attentive and were there to answer all of my questions and concerns as I trained for my first race.  It has been a wonderful eight week journey! – Tonya

What a great workout tonight was!  Thanks!  I really feel so proud of me, and strong!  I could do it!   What a treat to come in to the house and tell my kids what i did today – they were totally impressed!  This is really working!  thanks to you both for bringing me along! – Lucy

What an amazing experience… I think I am hooked!  I loved achieving this personal physical goal but even more important I enjoyed spending time training with a group of wonderful women! – Aileen

After a long a 2 page letter about what an incredible experience this athlete had, she ended her letter by writing this…

I have sometimes regretted that I have not spent my summer as committed to other projects that have been put aside while I have been training.  I suppose what the training has brought me, beyond a certain level of fitness, is the knowledge that if I can compete in a triathlon, what else might I be able to do?  How else might I be able to improve?  What more might I have to give to others?

This is all by way of saying that I appreciate from the bottom of my heart the work that you are doing, and I will always remember with great fondness my “triathlon summer.”  There will be other triathlons but I imagine never so eventful or emotional as this journey has been for me.  Thank you so much, again.

From start to finish, the entire experience was nothing short of spectacular.  Thank you once again for all of it.   You, and all of the workout leaders, are so inspirational in your personal fitness and goal setting, your unending enthusiasm and support, and your joy of mentoring others.  Congrats to you on your race and on your enormously positive role in all of our triathlon experiences.